Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Daddy Day

Today Olivia had her first "Daddy Day"--8 hours of uninterrupted quality time with out the mama. I left around 10 in the morning to go to work on VGLA portfolios with a couple of other teachers. When I left Olivia was in her bed playing and her Daddy was in his bed with the pillow over his head. OH BOY. I laid out her clothes for her. In hindsight, I kind of wish I wouldn't have done that--it would have been cute to see what Matthew found to put on her. I guess he will have many more opportunities to pick out her clothes =)

By 11 I had only gotten one phone call asking if he needed to bring anything else for Olivia when they went out to run errands. He had remembered everything though, including the pink Vera Bradley diaper bag which I know he was thrilled to be carrying around. Daddy and Olivia ran errands all day. Matthew did get a 2 hour break when he dropped Livvy at Mimi's so he could go complete some experiment at his brother's job for $100. Not a bad deal.

When I left to come home around 6:30 I called Matthew to check and see how everything was going. He said Olivia had gotten real cranky when they got home. She was hungry so he fed her. She was cranky still so he fed her some more. And then she was still cranky soooo he fed her again. Lucky Livvy got triple helpings of dinner tonight, friends...thank you Daddy! When I walked in the door he was in the bathroom cleaning poop off her sock in the sink. She was half "nekid" laying in her play pen having a grand old time. The poopy diaper was wide open on the floor with Bailey standing nearby. I couldn't help but laugh at the scenerio.

Matthew is a GREAT father to Olivia. He really does take good care of her and is SO particular about her safety. Before she was born he was all about researching infant safety and making sure everything was assembled correctly. He cracks me up with the stroller. We have one of those "travel systems" with the infant car seat that just clicks right on top of the strolled. Matthew has to make sure every single clip is fastened. I usually just click the seat in without fastening all the little "do-jobies." I joke with Matthew like he is going to take Olivia off-roading in the stroller.

All jokes aside though, Olivia has the best Daddy in the whole world and I love him SO much!!!!

This is a picture of Matthew putting Olivia's first diaper on in the hospital right after she was born.

Like father, like daughter--they LOVE to sleep =)

He loves his little girl.

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  1. So precious!! I don't know that my husband will be such a natural... Though I'm sure he WILL be all about the extra straps & all the little things.

    In a similar situation I think I would have received at least 2 dozen phone calls. I'm pretty positive on this because I get at least a dozen when he's left alone with the dogs... THE DOGS!! Oh well, at least I know he'll be thorough, even if drives me crazy.