Thursday, April 16, 2009

25 ThiNGs oF RaNdOmNeSs

I usually don't "participate" in the facebook stuff but filling out the "25 things" seemed like the thing to do, so I did. I actually enjoyed reading other people's "25things". It was so enlightening some of the stuff I found out about people I knew pretty well (or so I thought). I thought I would post it on here as a blog again just for the heck of it. I probably could write a whole entire blog about each and every one of these in the list....maybe that will happen, at some point.

25. Simply because of where these items come from, I don't eat eggs, I don't drink milk and I don't eat anything "that used to swim"

24. On a high school trip to Argentina, me, Alison, and Kristen got left on the train...with NO thanks at all to me, we somehow found our way.

23. I have a fear of falling down steps and think about falling everytime I walk up and down stairs.

22. I have rear ended many cars and also been pulled over by the Po-Po at least 8 times and somehow have a clean driving record without any tickets or recorded accidents.

21. I have had the chronic habit of plucking my eyelashes since I was five years old.

20. I love to play scrabble (Thank you KK and David =)

19. I am kind of a germaphobe and obsess over germs and touching bacteria in public places.

18. My first job was at the Cracker Barrel..I was 16 and made a hundred bucks a night.

17. The most childhood memories I have are of times I spent at Meggan's house...playing barbies...mermaids in the pool...."little women" on the swing set...street hockey...etc.

16. I love to spend time with children/people with autism.

15. I really like to bake and feed people my baking.

14. I absolutely have the worse time making a decision about anything....feel free to comment if you've been shopping with me.

13. I am directionally challenged and get lost frequently.

12. My sisters and I love "couch time"...this usually consists of PJ's, laptops, TV and a roll of cookie dough.

11. My little dog Bailey goes by many names including but not limited to,mamas little honey bear pea pod boney bones boney macaroni peanut butter buckeye.

10. I have a terrible sweet tooth and cookies are my favorite.

9. I am the worse dancer EVER.

8. Next year I am going to try and start my own Autism consulting business.

7. I frequently get the lyrics to songs very wrong.

6. I am most proud of giving birth to Olivia...3 hours of pushing...was the hardest thing I've ever done.

5. I claim to make the best boxed mac n cheese ever--darn right Stephanie haha

4. I LOVE the beach but am so scared of sandcrabs and seagulls.

3. I have survived an Alison Bite

2. My family is crazy however spending time with them is my favorite habit.

1. Ironically enough, my shortest dating relationship ended up in a marriage to the best, most patient and unselfish person.

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