Sunday, March 1, 2009

Why Are Some Gadgets Broken?

I would like to know the answer to that question, which was the title that popped up when you clicked "help" on the gadget section of the "blog maker thingy." Those of you fellow bloggers know what a gadget is. OBVIOUSLY, I am a newbie at this. Who thought of the name gadget and why do most of mine appear to be broken? It is quite irritating to spend 3.5 hours trying to fix a broken gadget. Following this post, I will get on the google and research "Gadgets for Dumbies." Speaking of google. I am quite possibly the hugest fan of "google" you will ever meet (PS. I heard somewhere that they added the word "google" to the dictionary). I could go on and on about the google. I will spare you some of that only because I'm sure all of you have experienced the pleasure first hand. I mean, google is changing the world as we know it today. My mother has become a self-proclaimed MD, making diagnoses and prescribing treatments, all via the google. I. love. it.

Any-who. As you have probably gathered. I am not very "computer savvy". Besides the googling of course. One of my BFF's (you know who you are) had to take over the roll of "myspace layout trustee" which she did a fabulous job of I might add. If it weren't for her my page would have been the totally boring template they give you when you first sign up. If it weren't for my sisters, there would probably still not be any pictures loaded of Olivia or from my wedding. Computers and me just have never gotten along great. This very blog is a perfect example and quite frankly, it is not yet worth the blood, sweat and tears (and hours of me trying to figure crap out) until I know people will actually read this thing. Actually, I don't really care if people hard core read my blog...I'm going to make this more about me and what I want. I absolutely love the idea of just getting on here and typing my heart away about whatever I darn well please. This might scare some considering my career, my family and, well, me. I, personally, find blog-reading to be quite entertaining. But seriously. I can write about whatever and always know the computer (yes, you whom I treat so badly) will listen. As rediculous as it sounds, it's kind of nice to think about. I also like the idea of documenting and saving funny stories and ideas clutter-free [read: no paper mess...pure eco-friendly etc.].

SO, maybe you can keep up with my ADD and join me on my "blogging adventure." Hopefully this will be one thing of few I can manage to keep up with. =)


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  1. I love the pink! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE!! We're blog buddies...haha you know how we always used to take pictures and be like "this one is totally for facebook," well now we are definitely going to be saying, "this is SO going in my blog." :-D