Monday, March 2, 2009

Due to Inclement Weather. . .

Of course it would only be appropriate for me to blog about the snow Virginia finally saw today. Let me tell you, it was a big-to-do. All of Fredericksburg was up in arms. Lines at the local wally world were redonk. People were stocking up on the essentials, including but not limited to milk, bread, eggs and my own personal fave betty-crocker-oatmeal-chocolate-chip-cookies-in-a-pouch (which really is a whole 'nother blog). Seriously though, people go nuts around here with the snow.

I have so many "snow memories". When I was like 11 or 12, I used to walk and meet Meggan half way between our houses. There was a HUGE hill in her backyard -side bar/sad story=now the hill is gone...trees got torn down and they built houses back there =( SO, we would get on all our "snow crap" and waddle out to the hill to go sledding. We would continue to sled until we got hungry or one of us had to pee. Then we waddled back into her house and unloaded all our "snow crap". One time we got in big trouble for putting all our wet "snow crap" on top of her mom's freshly clean and folded DRY laundry.....yeah we got in quite a bit of trouble for that one...not one of our better days. We always ate oodles of noodles in a cup and Meggan taught me to cut the noodles with scissors so they were easy to eat. Ah. The good old days.

Another snow memory I have is from when I was little and my Dad would come outside to play with us. He always took us sledding on the really big hills back by the power lines behind our housing development. This stopped once my mom witnessed my little sister having some weird buzzing experience back there which must have been caused by the "electrons floating around from the powerlines." Who knows. I used to build a "snow apartment" complete with a "snow couch" and "snow TV" and even a "snow toilet." Don't worry I didn't really use the "snow toilet", it was just for show. Although that brings me to another snow memory.

When my brother was younger he went out to play in the snow. To make a long story short he was outside having a grand old time and well, he needed to go to the bathroom. In his little five year old mind he had a big choice to make. After debating long and hard he came to the conclusion that "peeing himself" would be much easier then making the long 15 foot hike back into the house to go to the bathroom. So he did just that. While fully dressed in the "snow crap" he just stood there and peed himself. We didn't discover this until a while later when he came in and had a big wet spot on his actual clothes UNDER the "snow crap" where there should NOT have been a wet spot.

Fast forward to the 21st century. As a teacher I am OBSESSED with snow days. I check the weather non-stop. I say long prayers asking God to please bless me with extra snow so school will be out. I wear my pj's inside out, backwards etc. One of the most dissapointing things ever is when you are totally expecting a snow day and you wake up and either A. the "snow" was not good enough and school does not get cancelled or B. There was no snow at all. BOOO. The thing that especially sucks is that when you get up to check to see if school is cancelled, it negates the whole deal of sleeping in because you had to wake up in the first place to check cancellations. In an elementary school, usually you get a good idea of whether or not bad weather is on the way. I swear, my students with Autism are super sensitive to the barometric pressure. You just would not believe the craziness. Seriously, talk about autism-gone-a-rye. The noise. The movement. It just doesn't stop when a snow day is on the way.

Today was Olivia's first snow day. She really was as oblivious as to be expected for a 2 month old which, by the way, today is her two month birthday. Time is FLYING. The pictures below were pretty much the extent of our "snow day". We spent the evening at Mimi and Grandpa's watching The Bachelor and eating betty-crocker-oatmeal-chocolate-chip-cookies. It was a very nice evening. Especially comical when Grandpa started to flip out because he found out that Uncle Chase took a spray bottle of some sort of cleaning chemical and and sprayed random spots all over the family room walls and also the brand new 42 inch LCD flat screen TV. HAHAHA yeah, Grandpa didn't think it was so funny.

PS. I must say I am pretty darn proud of myself for figuring out how to put pictures on this thing =) YAYY!!!

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