Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Traveling With Infant = Big to Do

Right after Olivia was born we decided to buy plane tickets and take a trip to Colorado to visit my Grandmother so she could meet her. Our flight leaves tomorrow afternoon. Really, I should get finished packing but I am having trouble gathering the motivation to do it. Earlier today my sister Kariann came over to hang out with Olivia while I packed. Well, we ended up getting distracted and playing "dance party". We dressed Olivia up like a thug and Kariann taught her to do the "superman" hahaha. It was hilarious. As a special treat here is a video clip for you to check out. Am I a terrible mother? If you ask me she seemed to be enjoying herself!!!

Ok. I lied. My fantastic computer skills have kicked in and disabled me from figuring out how to load a video. I will try and figure it out when I have time later.

Traveling with a baby sure is a big to do. I mean, they have all these luggage restrictions now a days and with all the baby gear I'm wondering how I am going to get any of MY stuff on the darn plane. We have to check in the car seat and the base...then there is the stroller. I haven't even packed the diapers and wipes yet. This child of mine goes through diapers unlike any other. Seriously. It is insane how much crap can come out of such a tiny hiny..haha Ok, and here's a question. Is my breastmilk aloud to be carried on?? I wanted to bring her a bottle I pumped but will it be confiscated for fear of the 4 ounces actually containing some sort of chemical which could potentially blow everyone up?? Goodness gracious. I guess I could just whip out my boob and spray the security people, perhaps then they would believe me--because carrying her on my hip would just not be enough (note the sarcasm). Speaking of carrying, I do have a sling i am going to try and use. I haven't used it much yet. It's a lot more awkward then I thought it would be. It's real heavy on my neck and she is only ten pounds. Apparently you can use this thing up to twenty pounds...OUCH!

SO, hopefully the flight tomorrow will go smooth. Best case scenario is Olivia sleeps the whole trip on my lap. I'll be sure to get on here and blog about the trip. Off I go to attempt more packing!

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  1. Aww...I didn't know you had a blog! I'll have to read up on it when I have some time.
    Hope all is well!! miss ya