Friday, December 3, 2010

Something's got to give...

And blogging was it, my friends. I've got So.Much.Going.On. And yes, I realize most people do, but really-I am too busy. So busy that I've been told that my to-do list and the many "to do list babies" must be greatly shortened. The problem is that I love what I do and what I'm involved in....I'm enjoying my BCBA my my church.....I enjoy crafting and couponing and cooking. I even got involved with a local MOPs (Mothers of Preschoolers)group-and I'm having a great time with this also.

Did I mention my hubby was away for 3 months? Sooo happy he is home now.

Even though I didn't blog for long, I did enjoy it and would love to start writing again. Maybe I will...maybe I won't...maybe I will on occasion. That is the awesome thing about my blog. There are no rules or due dates--I didn't get in trouble for disappearing for a few months (though they did delete my lovely background which I was unable to locate again).

Anyways, just some rambling. Busy is good for always has been. So, I'm not complaining but just letting everyone know I have not forgotten about my little commentary and will at some point start writing again more frequently.

Happy Holidays Everybody :-)

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